Pop artist Blakeley’s single, “Caffeine & Nicotine” is exactly what the doctor ordered. What a great way to grab people’s attention by using the two things humans can’t seem to live without. She’s banking on the addiction to both to cross over to her track, a desperate necessity to have them and a feeling of sickness when we don’t. 


Quiet Lunch

Brooklyn’s Blakeley continues to reinforce her artistic integrity. The amped whimsy of her latest single, “Caffeine & Nicotine,” from the upcoming EP of the same name, invites one to join her on a subversive journey; convention’s monotony is confronted.  Her emphatic voice effectively melds with the rigorousinstrumentation. Sound becomes an adrenaline-drenched heart pumped by Blakeley’s vocal ability.


Skope Magazine

There’s a little bite to the song. A bit of edge that you certainly would expect, and I hope that this is a steady occurence in the rest of her album. The guitar work is fantastic and definitely worth noting. It gives the song the push it needs without overshadowing any other component. Blakeley’s voice doesn’t get lost and it complements the music very well.


Sensible Reason

Upon first listen “Caffeine & Nicotine” feels like punch in the face with Americana. Blakeley’s bouncy variant of “electronic rockabilly” belies her grittier thematic elements. Strapped with a powerful set of pipes and a sharp wit, Blakeley has the tools necessary to make quite a name for herself.